To keep a fast running web site, you need to have a clean and well structured backend code. Inside the Control Panel, you will find a collection of tools that will assist you boost your website’s effectiveness without the need to edit anything within the backend code. The Web Accelerator Tools – Node.js, Memcached and Varnish won’t only assist you to provide speedier streaming speeds to your website visitors and so reduce bounce percentage, but will also take your site higher in the search engine results.

To implement the Web Accelerator Tools, just simply access your Control Panel and generate an instance for the one you want.


RAM–memorizing as opposed to data base calls

The Memcached system is ideal for enhancing web site loading speeds by storing the database data that is inquired by your visitors. It’s a powerful distributed memory object caching system, which allows for data and objects to be memorized within the RAM in place of being querried whenever a person goes to a webpage.

This system is ideal for your database–driven web sites or applications in which your clients dedicate plenty of time browsing as well as loading information. Memcached is found in the advanced tools area of the Control Panel.

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RAM–caching as an alternative for HTTP requests

While using the Varnish website accelerator built into the Control Panel, you may make your site webpages load more quickly for your visitors. All adjustments are performed by using a straightforward interface, without the need to make any immediate corrections to the back–end code of the site.

Varnish is an HTTP accelerator that will help the webpages stream a lot faster by storing them inside the server RAM. This way, after a page has already been opened by a website visitor once, it will not need to be shipped from the hosting server anymore, which will cuts down loading speeds and then accelerates your web pages. It has been calculated that Varnish usually hurries up site loading times with a 300 – 1000x factor.

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For the purpose of establishing fast and then flexible applications

Web developers can use Node.js for the purpose of putting together all sorts of high–performance and also cost–efficient applications such as enterprise stats, real time web apps and website CMS, just to name a few. It’s really quick and scalable and is backed up by a proactive community that is continuously enhancing and sustaining it.

Node.js is based on the Google V8 JavaScript engine and works by using an event–based, non–blocking I/O model that produces its API adaptive and upgradeable. This impressive method makes it possible for developers to fast establish top notch applications only using just one language.

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