If you run an Internet site, having a backup is something very essential, specifically if you have important information or you have invested money and time in creating the website. There are various scenarios why you could need a backup - if you update a script and something goes wrong, if you delete a file or an entire folder unintentionally, and so forth. Having regular backups will help you avoid any loss of information or at least minimize the damage, which is still better than losing the entire site. You may download a copy of your content on your laptop or computer from time to time, but since you simply can't do that after each change, you need to rely on the backups which your host company generates. Since that's something quite important, you have to make certain that they keep up-to-date backups, considering that a backup performed once every one or two weeks might not do any good if you run a website like an online store or a holiday accommodation reservations site.